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Plymouth Presbyterian Church Core Beliefs

What We Believe 

We believe that through grace, our creator God sent Jesus to reconcile us to Himself through Christ’s death and resurrection.  The Scriptures bear witness to the Word of God, revealed most fully in Jesus Christ.  Where the word is read and proclaimed, Jesus Christ the living Word is present by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, reading, preaching and affirming the Word are central to our worship and growth.  We believe that through the Holy Spirit, God inspires and works through us to support one another, grow in grace and reach out in faith, love and hope to all people with this good news. 

It is with these beliefs, that we, raised in a variety of Christian faith traditions, have come together as a Presbyterian congregation to have thoughtfully crafted and adopted the following as our mission:

As Christians, we boldly celebrate God's gift of Jesus Christ as the driving force in our lives. As we witness to the love of God, we seek to be accepting and inclusive. Instructed by God's Word, empowered by God's Spirit, we accept our responsibility to change our world through our beliefs, behavior, and stewardship.

We are on a faith journey together; each with our unique talents and each at a unique stage in our personal journey. It is our hope and prayer that all will feel welcome to worship with us, grow with us, and join in our mission. 

Want to Learn More?

To learn further about what we believe and what makes Presbyterians unique here is a link to a more detailed, but thoughtfully written exposition from the Presbyterian denomination:


Our congregation is chartered and recognized by the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area and in-turn a member of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and you can find more information at their websites. Additionally, our congregation is governed by the PC-USA Constitution, which can be accessed at the following two web links:

Part 1 -- The Presbyterian Book of Confessions

Part 2 -- The Presbyterian Book of Order (2019-2023)

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